New Tunes!                   New Art!                    New Outlook!

This year is passing so quickly, but we are not letting it pass by without making our mark.  We have been working on projects that incorporate music and the arts, staying involved in our community with our senior citizens and teen talent and preparing new music that will attract multi-generations of music lovers. We are each working to keep the music live.

If you know of a place that would be perfect for us please tell them about us and send us a message so that we can contact them as well.  We want to be where you are.

If you haven't already become a fan please be sure to "Become a fan" at Reverbnation .   
Know someone getting married or having an anniversary celebration?  We cater to your requests and take time to meet with you regarding your vision. 


Sandy, yeah it was a great night and my parents were really happy. My mom almost lost her voice the next day because she was talking to so many people. Thanks to you and Paul it was a a lot of fun, I was even caught dancing to Elvis with my mom!

5th Annual YMCA BBQ sponsored by the Silver Sneakers Program (October 2013) - Kavita

"...All our members are still talking about you. We all enjoyed the event so much that we can't forget about it.  You touched everyone's heart.  God Bless You." 

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